Super Fun 21

This is a trademarked single-deck game that was developed by a former card counter who long ago sold out to the other side. But that’s neither here nor there. What’s important is that SF21 has a casino edge of 0.94%, mainly because most ‘naturals’ (“blackjacks”) pay even money, which more than offsets the favorable impact of such rules as double allowed on any number of cards, double after split, re-split and re-hit Aces, etc. That’s the bad news. The good news is that the card count of a single-deck Blackjack game is very volatile; it goes up and down quickly. So, if you can operate with any kind of a decent bet spread, this game is beatable. A lot depends upon the penetration offered by the casino. It appears to be 50% at most Vegas casinos that have the game, which is marginal but if you can find a game that either deals deeper or where you can get a 1-20 bet spread, there are some $$$ to be made. A significant problem is that this game requires a special Basic Strategy and, because naturals pay even-money, the Hi/Lo count, which treats the Ace as a “high” card isn’t very effective. If you’re going to play SF21, the HiOpt-1 count that assigns a zero value to the Ace is a better choice. All-in-all, one would probably have to more or less specialize in this game in order to make any serious profits and how long do you think the average casino is going to let you extract $$$ on a consistent basis from what they feel is a “carnival” game? But, for those who want to try, begin by learning the proper Basic Strategy, which you can find here:

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