Blackjack Card Counting

The principle behind card counting is that a deck with a high percentage of Aces and 10’s is good for the player bad for the dealer. Before even trying to count cards, learn the basic strategy, as most of the time that’s what you are still doing. This website deals with online casinos and card counting just doesn’t work as every casino shuffles between hands. Therefore there are no swings in the probabilities of certain card combinations and the card counting opportunities never arise.

If you really want to try card counting you will have to save it for a land based casino. I suggest you go to a book store to find out more information on this. Be wary of websites which offer to sell you the perfect system for $100’s of dollars in e-book form. There is no perfect way of beating the casino counting cards, it takes a lot of effort and the casinos no how it works and how to spot it. It’s better to find literature which is realistic about how to approach card counting. You can then decide whether you have the time and energy to invest to become a professional card counter.

In the mean time if you prefer online casinos, stick to the strategy cards found on this website and enjoy better blackjack.