Canadian Casino industry

The Canadian Casino industry is a thriving market, although it has undergone a lot of changes in the last few years.

Because of brick and mortar casinos banning smoking, the recession, and high gas prices, many gambling enthusiasts now prefer to play online Canada casino offerings.

This trend is not only applicable to the Canadian casino industry but is a worldwide phenomenon. Online casinos can offer players higher payouts because they have much less overhead costs: they don’t have to rent a large building and pay hundreds of employees and security men to be on duty twenty four hours a day.

It is not exactly clear whether online gambling is legal in Canada but this is not stopping casino players from choosing this as their preferred way of gambling. Canadian authorities are still working on regulating the Canadian casino industry, especially when it comes to online casinos.

The Canadian Gaming Association is positive that gaming in Canada will grow and offer new opportunities. There are lots of new opportunities in terms of game development and technology that offers better games. Also, there are provincial elections coming up and politicians might still loosen their grip on online gambling. There is still a big difference between the Canadian Casino and the US Casino gaming models and the two countries have different rules in terms of regulating.

Another area in which Canada casino games are showing growth is in the mobile market. More people are choosing to play casino games on their hand held devices and iPads. This makes it even more convenient for Canadian players to play any game they want at any given time.

The Canadian media is still attracting attention to the Canada casino industry but unfortunately a lot of the media is focused on the negative aspects of the industry. They focus more on the aspects of addiction and time spent on online games at work than also looking at the other side of the coin. The Canadian Casino industry has a lot of positives to add to the country, including job creation, social responsibility, ad generation and the opportunity to create a lot of tax revenue for the government, should it be legalized.

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